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Screwdriver brands the best options in 2021

Screwdriver brands the best options in 2021

  Screwdrivers (or screwdrivers, screwdrivers) is a hand-held tool for tightening or removing screws, found in abundance in everyday life. There are many types on the market of Genuine screwdrivers all kinds of models with many different manufacturers.

  As machinists, we use screwdrivers a lot. Many of us are also major tool junkies. So, when we get tired of the usual Craftsman or SnapOn options, where do we go for a better screwdriver? What about just wanting to try the world’s best of some product, and being able to do so for a type of product we use a lot and can afford to buy the world’s best of.

  I thought it was worth some research and came up with 8 brands. What makes a better screwdriver? Lots of things in common including:

  More comfortable ergonomic grip

  Easier to tell at a glance whether you have to right one

  Extra machine work so the tip is optimized for the job it has to do

  The overall quality of construction and materials


  Extra gizmos and gadgets

Who makes the best screwdrivers

  Four brands of international hand tools PB swiss tools,wera,wiha,UF-Tools。

  1. PB swiss tool

  PB swiss tool comes from Switzerland and has insisted on local production in Switzerland. Because of its quality and reliability, it is used in aerospace and medical fields with extremely low fault tolerance.

  Thanks to the sophisticated manufacturing process, the excellent fit between the bit and the screw groove and the tool shaft made of spring steel alloy, the overall hardness is guaranteed without losing flexibility. The tools are rich in colors and easy to recognize, and the pure color handles also give people a bright feeling

  The three-knife handles PB Swiss Tools Classic PB Swiss Tools multicraft and PB Swiss Tools SwissGrip each have their own characteristics. They are impact-resistant and hand-friendly for different occasions.

  2. WERA

  German brand, Czech OEM. Representative of industry and modernization, its ratchet screwdriver and ratchet wrench have won many international awards.

  The bit and body of the screwdriver are known for their hardness and impact resistance, and the design of the laser groove increases the degree of engagement with the screw.

  The ergonomic design of the Kraftform handle is closer to the shape of the human hand and can output greater torque when used.


  The same well-known German manufacturer of hand tools, productivity tools for mechanical workshops, are widely used, and their products cover electricians, seiko, woodworking, ceramics, and so on. It is the most abundant product line among the three major screwdriver manufacturers. However, the foundry found in recent years is not good, and the quality control is not stable.

  4. UF-Tools

  There are only UF-Tools. Among the many manual tool recommendations I have written, people continue to consult and buy, and there is no negative feedback so far.

  The bit of UF-Tools screwdriver s2 material is indestructible, and there will be no slippage in actual use. The disadvantage is that the metal handle is a bit thinner, which makes it uncomfortable to hold.

Best screwdrivers in the world

  1. For household use, the common one is flat or Phillips screws. Since general household screws do not need to consider too much strength and force issues, so as long as you consider labor-saving, there are many types of screwdrivers, and it is best to have a magnetic head. Can hold small screws.

  For the brand, Stanley is fine. If you consider the appearance, you can buy Xiaomi (MI) Mijia

  2. For industrial use, due to the strength and force of the screw, it is generally a hexagon socket screw. The corresponding wrench should consider the standard (metric, inch). The more important thing is the strength of the wrench. This is mainly related to the wrench. The material is related to heat treatment.

  As for the brand, I used SATA and Wiha in my previous unit. Relatively speaking, Wiha is better. It may be in the mold industry, where wrenches are used rather harshly, and Shida is often cut off from use, and no relevant pictures have been found, but it was very common in the unit before.

  Here comes the point. Actually, for general household use, I think it is enough to buy a Swiss Army Knife, which is small and convenient.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Screwdriver Set

  Don’t just grab the first available screwdriver set. The best screwdrivers for your project need to be the correct type, whether you need Torx screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers, Robertson screwdrivers, or the most common type of screwdriver, the slotted screwdriver. Screwdriver tips matter, too. Some screwdrivers come with a magnetic tip, which helps keep the tool in place on the head of the screw. Others have a coated tip to help improve grip and torque. Read on for details on these factors and more, so you can choose the right screwdriver for the task at hand.

  Screwdriver Head Type

  Different screwdriver heads correspond to different types of screws. That’s what makes screwdriver sets so handy. You won’t get any unpleasant surprises when you start a project only to realize you don’t have the right type of screwdriver. The following list includes the most common types of screwdriver heads:

  Flat (aka slotted) has a simple, flattened tip that sits in a straight-line recess on the screw.

  Phillips has a cross pattern tip to fit into a cross-shaped recess on the screw.

  Robertson has a square tip to fit into a square-shaped recess.

  Torx has a star or six-pointed tip for screws with a recess of the same shape.

  Hex key has a hexagonal head to fit a hexagonal recess on a screw.

  Each type of screwdriver comes in a variety of sizes to match the different sizes of screws, which really does matter. Resist the temptation to use a larger or smaller tool with any screw you encounter. Mismatched sizes can strip screws, damage screwdrivers, and create slipping hazards that can lead to injury.

  Specialized Tips

  Increasingly, screwdrivers come with a special coating on the tip. These specialized tips generally help improve the grip of the screwdriver head in the screw and reduce the slippage likely to occur during normal use.

  Magnetic tips create a magnetic force that draws the screw to the screwdriver. The increased force keeps more of the screwdriver head’s surface area firmly attached to the screw’s recess. In doing so, the screwdriver can apply more force to the screw, allowing you to drive the screw more quickly and accurately than with a simple steel tip.

  Black oxide, black phosphate, and diamond-coated tips increase friction between the screwdriver tip and the screw recess to help drive screws with more force and accuracy. These tips are popular with industry pros for their resilience against wear over time and their increased grip strength when driving a screw.

  Handle Grip Design

  A slight difference in handle shape or size can change a screwdriver from a high-production construction tool to a high-accuracy technical tool. A wide-handle grip design allows you to drive a screw with more force. This design works well for driving simple construction screws quickly. A narrower design forces the user to take more time and care with a precision project.

  Screwdriver handles with a rubber coating allow for an easier, more comfortable grip during a long project. Finally, some screwdrivers feature dual-material molded handles made with a combination of hard plastic and rubber. This split design provides the accuracy of a hard-handled screwdriver with the comfort of a rubber handle.

  Piece Total and Storage

  So how many screwdrivers do you really need? That depends on the variety of projects you’ll be doing. If you’re truly a novice at-home repairs and don’t intend to take on many ambitious projects in the future, a general-purpose selection of the most frequently used screwdrivers might do just fine. It wouldn’t make sense to invest in a set with a lot of extra pieces that you’ll never use.

  The total number of pieces within a screwdriver set can range widely from five or six screwdrivers to well over 100 pieces—although that doesn’t mean 100 screwdrivers. Rather, “piece total” refers to the number of screwdrivers, bits, handles, and any other added features that come with the kit. For instance, a 100-piece set may contain four screwdrivers, two all-purpose handles, 84 different bits, one extension bar, one flexible extension bar, and eight specialty heads.

  Storage is another consideration, as you’ll want to house your screwdrivers together neatly. Some kits with five or more screwdrivers don’t include a storage container, while others have an enclosed box, a fabric carrier, or a simple plastic stand. Unless you already have a home toolbox or kit with dedicated screwdriver storage, get a set with its own storage.

  Additional Features

  Even simple, straightforward screwdrivers can have some additional features, such as specially insulated versions for use in electrical jobs. Other screwdriver kits may include heavy-duty shafts, tips, and handles intended for use as both chisels and screwdrivers. There are also screwdriver sets designed for those in the electronic repair industry that often contain flexible extension bars and a wide variety of precision tips for use with tiny screws.

  Our Top Picks

  This list of top products was chosen based on the screwdriver head type, screwdriver tips, the piece total, and several additional key factors mentioned above to help you find the best screwdriver set for home maintenance, repairs, and construction tasks.

best german electric screwdriver

  It is strongly recommended that you use an electric screwdriver, which will make the whole hand operation process very fun, rather than complaining after exhaustion. Happiness is the most important thing in your life.

  I recommend the 62 in 1 electric scroll driver set of uf-tools.

  The size and shape are the same as an ordinary screwdriver, but it's very heavy to hold. It provides three gears with adjustable torque, the maximum torque is 5nm, and drilling is very easy. However, it's easy to hold it when the hand strength is small. You must hold it tightly before starting the machine.

  It comes with 60 batch heads and one set is complete. The top of the fuselage is equipped with LED lights, which turn on automatically after startup. The disadvantage is that there is no magnetic suction on the head, and the screw is easy to fall off.

  Type-C charging, the measured full power can screw nearly 100 screws into the particle board to completely install the house furniture at one time.

  Things to know about screwdrivers

  Screw drivers come in many shapes and sizes, from heavy-duty ones you might use to fix a class 8 truck to tiny ones designed for repairing computers. It's important to have the correct screwdriver for the task at hand, otherwise, you're going to frustrate yourself, or worse, not get the job done.

  Torx-head fasteners are fairly common. If you encounter them and you don't have the appropriate bit or screwdriver, don't attempt to use a Phillips-head driver. This might work in an emergency, but the risk of damaging the tool or stripping the fastener is too great, so try to avoid this.

  You don't have to spend a fortune to get some great screwdrivers. The majority of the sets highlighted above cost less than $40, and they all include many tools, so it's not like you're dropping two Andrew Jacksons on just one flathead screwdriver or one mini screwdriver. This is a great way to fill up your toolbox without breaking the bank.

  Screwdrivers with magnetic tips can be super handy. If you're trying to install a screw in an electrical box in the ceiling behind your refrigerator, a screwdriver that can hold onto that fastener as you snake it into the hole can be a godsend.

  Many screwdrivers offered by popular brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Wiha come with lifetime warranties. Generally, their products are well made and built to last, but if for some reason you end up damaging one, those companies should replace them free of charge.


  I hope more people can help with the purchase. For more purchase of manual tools and electrical tools, please see my introduction to these articles

If you are looking for a screwdriver factory to customize your screwdriver set, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you!