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What size screwdriver is used for mobile phone repair?

What size screwdriver is used for mobile phone repair?

38 in 1 Mobile Phone Screen Opening Pliers Repair Toolsthe best screwdriver for a phone repair kit

the best screwdriver for a phone repair kit

Precision Screwdriver Set is a Must-have Tool for Mobile Phone Repairing. Precision Screwdriver T4, T5, T6, and T7 are enough to Disassemble Mobile Phones and Assemble Back any Mobile Cell Phone including Android smartphones of any Mobile Phone Brand, Apple iPhone, and any Feature Phone. Let us discuss this in more detail.

Disassembly tools: various small screwdrivers such as Y-shaped cross plum triangles, straight tweezers, curved tweezers, opening triangles, crowbars, screen suction devices.

Testing tools: pointer multimeter, digital multimeter, desktop high-precision multimeter, maintenance power supply, oscilloscope, frequency counter, signal generator, logic splitter, etc.

Flashing tool, programmer.

Welding tools: anti-static constant temperature electric soldering iron, hot air gun, suction wire, tin suction device, BGA steel mesh corresponding to various chips, it is recommended to prepare more universal steel mesh of various specifications, high-end equipment has reflow soldering, BGA rework Taiwan, BGA planting bead Taiwan, LCD hot press and so on.

Mobile phone screwdriver set For small repair shops or simple personal repairs, it is recommended that ordinary dismantling tools such as screwdrivers + digital multimeter + a good electric soldering iron and hot air gun, BGA steel mesh, basically meet the daily maintenance, and the cost is not high, and the cost is recovered quickly.


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