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Guide to Common Screwdriver Types and Dimensions

Guide to Common Screwdriver Types and Dimensions

If You're Looking for the Ultimate Tool Guide for Screwdriver Types and Screw Head Sizes, You've Come to the Right Place. You'll Learn About the Basic Types of Screwdrivers, the Names of Each, and the Various Head Sizes That Are Most Common.

The screwdriver is not only a necessary tool at home, but also a necessary tool for scenery, construction, scene and other workers in the film and television industry. Given how often you need to use a screwdriver, it is important to know the different screwdriver types and head types and sizes.

My kit preference is the one-piece retractable head screwdriver, which is perfect for quick work at work and perfect for use at home. However, I prefer to use my 65-piece screwdriver set during the long period of construction and initial suit repair, so I know I always have the right type of screwdriver on hand for every job.

Make sure your screwdriver kit is made of strong metal and magnetic alloys to prevent screws from falling and reduce spalling. The worst I found were the Black & Decker bits and screwdrivers, which were fragile and prone to peeling Phillips, PoziDriv and Robertson bits. In my experience, DeWalt, Mastercraft, and Craftsman are excellent.

Screwdriver Type Guide

Type of screwdriver

  • Flat Head (or Slotted or Straight Head)

  • Phillips

  • Pozidriv

  • Torx

  • Hex (or Allen key or Allen wrench) * (Ikea loves this one)

  • Robertson (Canada’s most common)

  • Tri-Wing

  • Torq-Set

  • Spanner

Note: Many retractable screwdriver and screwdriver sets do not come with a hex or hex key head, so you should always keep your hex key (or hex wrench) in your pocket to store pesky Ikea furniture.

Note:Many retractable screwdrivers and screwdriver sets do not come with the Hex or Allen key bit so you should always keep a Hex Key (or Allen wrench) in your pocket for pesky Ikea furniture.

Screwdriver and Screw Head Sizes

  • #0: The tiniest of the four most commonly used sizes

  • #1: The second smallest of the four most commonly used sizes

  • #2: The medium size and the most commonly used size everywhere

  • #3: The largest of the four most commonly used sizes

Note:There are other sizes available, but these are the most commonly used screw heads and required screwdrivers both in your home or at work on any film set.

Recommended screwdriver set

The screwdriver, a new kit from youfu, comes with 47 heads and can be used anywhere.

What's your favorite tool? Why do you like it? Do you have a brand you won't deviate from? I'd like to know what tools, equipment, and brands you like now.

If you are looking for a screwdriver factory to customize your screwdriver set, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you!