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Commonly Used Torx Screwdriver Size Specifications Chart

Commonly Used Torx Screwdriver Size Specifications Chart

The hexagonal Torx screwdriver model is divided by the distance (diameter) of the diagonal points of the Torx head measured with a vernier caliper.

The diameter of T8 is 2.31mm.

The diameter of T10 is 2.74mm.

The diameter of T15 is 3.27mm.

The diameter of T20 is 3.86mm.

The diameter of T25 is 4.43mm.

The diameter of T27 is 4.99mm.

The diameter of T30 is 5.52mm.

Torx screwdriver size specification table

The specifications in the above metric system are the answer you want. The diameter of the plum hexagon head measured with a vernier caliper is the simplest and clearest. Some netizens don't know what they are, and they have no reference value at all. The quincunx has holes or no holes in the center. Generally, small ones like T6 are mostly without holes, which are small in themselves, and those with holes are difficult to make and unnecessary.

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