Our entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking approach allows us to produce solutions which meet the needs and demands of our customer base - always one step ahead of the market. We believe in quality, diligence, dynamism and respect and see these as guidelines for our business activities.

In line with this corporate philosophy, we have identified 6 YOUFU basic values, on which we base our actions.

1. Trust

Our corporate culture is based on mutual trust, built on honest and transparent communication, consistent processes and fair cooperation.


2. Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility for results, resources and our own decisions. Our commitment and passion leads to high level customer and employee satisfaction.

3. Efficiency

We work efficiently because we keep things simple and always aim to be first to market with our products.


4. Quality

We focus on quality in our employees, products and processes. That is why we demonstrate excellence in everything we do.

5. Courage

We have the courage to innovate and change things, even if it means we have to step outside our comfort zone.


6. Entrepreneurial spirit

We are committed to our work with entrepreneurial spirit, we are action-oriented, make quick decisions and never give up. We are ready for the future!