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17-May| 191 Comments
The screwdriver that I don’t want you to know, repair mobile phones at home

Kingsdun 24 in 1 High Quality Multi Tool Screwdriver Set

I remember that my mobile phone was broken when I was young. I got it to the small commodity wholesale market in front of my house and repaired it. Watching the shop owner fiddled around, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with fixing the mobile phone by myself. In fact, it is not difficult to repair the phone yourself, as long as you have a set of handy tools.

As the world's most well-known disassembly site, Kingsdun recently released a set of toolkits, allowing you to easily disassemble various digital devices at home.

The Kingsdun tool includes an open suction cup, a screwdriver handle, 16 different screwdriver heads, precision tweezers, a plastic spudger, a metal blade and a plastic scraper.

The screwdriver head can be replaced with different heads, whether it is a flat, cross, or various plum-shaped screws can be unscrewed by it.

In view of the fact that most of the back covers of mobile phones are glued with rubber rings, a suction cup is required to hold the back cover tightly and then slowly pull up the back cover.

Then plug the gap between the phone and the back cover with a blade or a spudger, and slowly pry the back cover to open the back cover.

And the chips inside the mobile phone are so precise that you must use tweezers to open the places that hold the cables one by one, or when you put the CPU chip back, you also need tweezers.

Although there is no heat gun and electric soldering iron, this set of tools already meets the commonly used mobile phones on the market, and the volume of the entire box is not large. Its upper cover can also be turned over to temporarily store the removed parts of the mobile phone to prevent parts from being lost.

It is worth mentioning that the original intention of Kingsdun itself was to "teach you to repair everything without money". Kingsdun has involved everything from kayaking and motorcycles to how to glue your soles. Just teach everyone how to repair mobile phones, this company made 150 million yuan a year!

As a result, Kingsdun was also angered by Apple for dismantling Apple TV, and it was confusing for a while. Well, if people have mastered the craftsmanship of repairing things, repair tools are available at the unit and at home. Who wants to go all the way to a specialty store and wait for an afternoon.


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