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How to Test Alternator with Screwdriver in 4 Steps Video

How to Test Alternator with Screwdriver in 4 Steps Video

For an automotive vehicle, continuously producing electricity is crucial. The mechanical system burns fuel and converts it to electric power to run the engine. Now, in almost all modern vehicles, there is an important part that is the alternator.

The term alternator means which can alternate energy. Usually, the alternator will transform mechanical power into electric power. If it doesn't work accurately, you may have to struggle. To be secure when going for a long drive, we suggest testing the alternator. You can test the alternator just with a screwdriver. This article is going to describe how to test an alternator with a screwdriver.

Car alternators are one of the most essential elements of a car. They must be constantly maintained and checked (even if they do not require much maintenance) to maintain their optimum performance as they supply the battery with a continuous flow of electricity.

So how do we test the alternator’s field using a screwdriver, what is an alternator, and what are the signs that your alternator is starting to become weaker or needs some repairs? Throughout this article, we will try to answer these questions to give you an overall better understanding.

What Alternator Actually Is?

An alternator is a kind of generator that runs with the fuel of the engine. When you just start your car, the alternator starts working and produces alternating current for the car. This keeps the engine running, and the battery will never go down. Modern alternators can even produce the current immediately when it is necessary. This is a built-in part of the car.

What Do You Need to Test the Alternator?

To test the alternator, you need the key of your car and a screwdriver with a magnetic tip. The screwdriver should have been made of metal.

Testing Alternator with Screwdriver – Steps to Follow

Here we have described the 4 easy steps on how to test alternators at home. Go for each step one by one.

Step 1: Get into Your Car

Yes, to check the alternator if it is working or not, you must have to get in your car. Now take your seat and insert the car key to the ignition switch. Wait, you don't have to start the car. Keep the key inside and open the hood of your car.

Step 2: Secure the Car Hood

If you have unlocked the car hood from inside, it is time to move the hood. This will give you access to the engine as well as the alternator. Pull the hold gently as you pull it to check anything else. There must be a rod that can secure the hood. Use that and secure it. However, in some cars, there may not be a rod while the hood automatically stays secured.

Step 3: Find Out the Alternator

Inside the car engine, you will see the alternator. Now place the screwdriver near the alternator pulley bolt. It is usually located in the front of the alternator. Nothing won't happen. Go for step 4.

Step 4: Turn the Key to the On Position

Once you have followed the above steps, now move the key to the on the position where the car won't start but the dashboard warning lights will turn on. Now place the screwdriver again near the bolt and this time you will feel a strong magnetismthere. It will pull the screwdriver strongly. If this happens, the alternator is working finely.

If in any case, you fail to test it, follow the same steps again and you will get the result. Don't use a screwdriver if there is rust on it which can show a false result. If you don't have a clean one, clear the rust from the metal part and go for the testing process.

How to Keep the Alternator Safe?

We hope you already know how important the alternator is! So, you must take the proper care of it for the protection of the alternator. Taking care of the alternator means keeping the engine safe. Especially, be aware of the overheating of the engine. Also, when you are washing the engine, make sure you are using a cover on the alternator to keep it safe from water and soap which may damage the alternator.

Final Verdict

Now you know exactly how to test your alternator with a screwdriver. It is simple as described above, and anybody can test the alternator at any time. We suggest running this process for at least once a month. If you go for a long drive regularly, you should test the alternator to ensure the car won't stop suddenly in the middle of the road.

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