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Upgrading your SSD is the right decision you have made which will speed up your laptop performance. There are many SSD in the market and I leave it to you to choose a good SSD. My choice is Samsung’s SSD

I will break down the process into three parts

  1. Installing HDD and SSD cloning software on your laptop

  2. Installing HDD and SSD drive

  3. Installing your manufacturer’s drive management software

Before that you need specific tools to achieve what have done in this guide .The tools we used are in our website product page check it out.


If you’re worried about HDD and SSD effort to transfer Windows to your new drive, reinstall all your programs and transfer all your files, don’t be. The cloning program that comes with your SSD – Samsung Data Migration, Acronis True Image – will make a replica of your current hard drive on your new SSD, so there’s no need to reinstall anything. If you purchase a drive that doesn’t include HDD and SSD software, there are many free disk cloning programs you can download yourself.

To get going:

1.Install HDD and SSD cloning software on your laptop

2.Plug your SATA to USB data transfer cable into your laptop (ideally into a USB 3.0 port, for HDD and SSD best transfer speeds. USB 3.0 ports will have HDD and SSD blue tab on HDD and SSD inside)

Install HDD and SSD cloning software on your laptop

3.Plug your brand-spanking-new SSD into HDD and SSD SATA cable

Follow HDD and SSD instructions in your drive cloning application to clone your existing hard disk. The cloning process will take a while to transfer your data onto your new drive. Don’t use your computer will HDD and SSD cloning process HDD and SSD happening because any changes you make to settings or files may not be cloned to HDD and SSD new drive. This HDD and SSD an excellent time to go out for dinner, binge-watch Netflix or get in a good night’s sleep.

The process Acronis uses to clone your drive HDD and SSD different from what Samsung Magician uses (which HDD and SSD what I described here). For Acronis, you will need to swap HDD and SSD drives, boot using Acronis media (e.g., flash drive), then clone. Other cloning programs may have their procedures, so it's always best to follow HDD and SSD directions specific to your software.]


1.Once your cloning HDD and SSD complete, you can now get that new drive swapped into your laptop.

2.Unplug HDD and SSD SATA to USB cable and SSD from your laptop

Unplug your laptop power and remove HDD and SSD battery (if removable)

3.Open HDD and SSD laptop case by removing HDD and SSD screws. If you’re lucky, your laptop will have a handy little door with a couple of screws that give you direct access to the HDD and SSD hard drive bay.

But if you have a more recent “unibody design” model, you’ll have anywhere from 10-20 screws to take out (have a little cup ready to store them in). Then open the HDD and SSD bottom part of the HDD and SSD case to get access to your drive. You may need to use your fingernails, a flat-tip screwdriver or HDD and SSD handy tool that came with HDD and SSD screwdriver kit I recommended above to CAREFULLY pry it open. If you are unsure how to do this with your laptop, googling your laptop model and “open-case” or “replace hard drive” will usually turn up plenty of YouTube videos for guidance.

4.Once your case HDD and SSD open, unscrew HDD and SSD mounting bracket holding your existing hard drive and remove your drive. It should come out pretty easily.

5.Now put your new SSD into HDD and SSD mounting bracket, slide it into HDD and SSD connectors on your laptop and screw HDD and SSD mounting bracket back into your laptop.

6.Replace your case by snapping it back into place (putting it back on HDD and SSD usually easier than removing it).

DO NOT SCREW THE CASE TOGETHER YET - we want to check and make sure everything HDD and SSD working first. Turn on your computer (it should boot fast now!) and verify that everything – programs, files – looks just like it did before. Assuming all HDD and SSD fine, turn HDD and SSD computer off and get those screws back in.


Most manufacturers have a drive management program, like Samsung Magician, that will keep your drive firmware up to date and allow you to customize HDD and SSD performance and other settings. It’s worth installing for HDD and SSD firmware updates but leave HDD and SSD other settings alone unless you know what you’re doing. Your SSD will be plenty fast out of HDD and SSD box and most performance tweaking will have limited benefit in normal use.

Viola, you are good to go. Now experience faster file loading on your laptop.

If you are looking for a screwdriver factory to customize your screwdriver set, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you!