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How to get started repairing watches for novices?

How to get started repairing watches for novices?

Beginners should first develop their inner interest in watches based on their knowledge of watches. It's not a hobby. As a beginner watch repairer, he must be careful, steady in his hands, and not dry in his heart.

For the first time, you should start with a simple mechanical stand-alone watch (manual winding). First observe the appearance of wear. Then find a tool suitable for opening the back cover and disassemble it by hand. Use tweezers or screws in your right hand, and use a willow pole in your left hand. Fix the movement on the watch holder or watch frame. Every part to be disassembled must be carefully checked in advance and arranged in order and recorded.

After the disassembly is complete, install the parts in the reverse order of the disassembled parts to restore the original condition.

And have to repeatedly disassemble and assemble many times to achieve proficient operation.

Where can I buy a watch repair kit

16-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit with Blister Card Pack

Best watch repair tool kit

16 common use generic watch repair tools.

Great for changing batteries & bands on most watches.

Tool and purpose:

Feet to open the table key(use: Open the bottom cover and tighten the screws bud directly aligned with the tool in front of the bottom cover the gap of two feet turn right direction switch. You can easily open the watch case back.)

Open base knife(use: press the bottom of the watch for the bottom cover must be one of the tools used, pry the end of a knife.)

Split strap device(use: If your watch is new, then removed when the strap is the most convenient to use.)

Ear Health grant (use: dedicated to dismantling strap watch cases and students between the ears, or belt of Health ears the most methods.)

Red Clamp(use: assembly and disassembly are inevitable to use the plier's watches, such as the demolition of the strap in the starting folder to folder, pins, etc..)

How to choose a watch repair kit

Choose watch repair kits, try to avoid small manufacturers, the product quality of large manufacturers is more stable.

How to use the watch repair kit

If you want to know how to use these tools, please click me.

Where is the nearest place to repair my watch? How to find a repair shop?

You can open Google Maps to find a watch repair shop. As long as you search for the nearest watch shop to me, a lot of watch repair points will pop up. We try our best to choose a watch repair point in the mall. Because they can enter the mall to open a shop, it means that they have a certain qualification for watch repair, rather than a random shop on the street.

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