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Numerous people want to repair their watches daily, especially to change the battery of their watches and watches of their loved ones some take their watches to the shop (you are not one of them) and some repair them themselves because it's cheaper or you are enthusiastic to do it by yourselves.

I have got you covered on how to change the battery of the watch in this guide. There are 3 steps to achieve in an easy 3 steps I will walk you through one by one.

· Open the back of the watch

· Replace the battery

· Close the back of the watch

Now opening the back of the watch will be easy if you have the right tool. Before knowing the tool you should use, you must know what type of back your watch is made of, mostly manufacturers make two types of them.

1.Screw-Down Back

You can see the little notches around the back this is the giveaway that it's a screw back.

2.Snap-On Back

If there are no notches it's just a flat back then it's a snap-on back design.

The method of removing the backside of the watches of both types are different but it's easy.


Tools you need:

1.Watch holder:




It's a simple tool used to remove the screw-down back of your watch. Perfect set for very common tasks like opening watch backs, watchband adjustment, changing watch batteries, gaskets, adjusting bands and more.

Small, clean and functional, this watch repair tool kit helps you get your watch problem done at home instead of going to watch repair shops. Saving money and saving time.

3.Tweezers :



One of the most important tools in watchmaking when working on a movement is watchmaker tweezers. Watchmaker’s tweezers are used to grip, remove, or reassemble the small and delicate parts of the movement. Watch parts can be extremely small, and therefore, a tweezer is the best tool for the job. Both to allow maximum grip, but also to avoid damaging the rest of the movement.

Watchmaker tweezers are small and have sharp points. But if you are on the hunt for a watchmaker tweezer, you may have found that there are countless tweezers on the market, made in different shapes, and naturally also made for different purposes.

You can buy them from our product page.



So you're going to do is you line the tool up with the little notches on the back of the case then with those not just lined up.

You're going to do is twist it in an anti-clockwise direction and the case will come to lose you need to double-check that that ring stays intact on the back now with the back off the case we need to do is have a look at the battery you can see the battery is just down the front here get that model number.

Make sure that the rubber ring is on the case back it's got the watch here sitting on a rubber mat for two reasons firstly to stop if the watch from slipping and secondly to make sure that watch doesn't get damaged at all firstly just hand tighten get your case opening tool then with the lining up at the back, you're just gonna tighten make sure it's in place you have it that's how to change a watch battery on a twist back case

Snap-On Back :

Unlike the Screw down the backside, it's not as complex as earlier it's easy comparatively.





For popping open your watch.

Watch holder:

It will protect the watch from slipping away and hold it steady during your work.

Tweezers  ( I have detailed the use of the tweezers above in the screw-down back section)

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1. Place your watch on the watch holder

2. Take the pry knife and open the backside be careful don't scratch the backside of the watch

3. Take the tweezers and remove the battery carefully.

4. Again with the use of tweezers pick the new battery and place it in the watch

5. Now close the lid and give pressure on the backside with your thumb until you hear a snap sound that indicates it is closed

Now you can wear your watch as you got out for a dinner oh! and you can now repair loved ones watches too, save money and earn love from your family I do recommend buying a simple set of watch tools once again for less than 20 dollars they'll last you forever and prevent or minimize any possible damage to your watch when you're doing this at


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