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How to replace your watch battery in 6 steps

How to replace your watch battery in 6 steps

If the watch is used for a long time, the time will be gradually inaccurate. This may be caused by the insufficient power of your watch. At this time, we should replace the battery to solve this problem.

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Many friends ask me can I replace the battery myself?

If you doubt your ability to replace the watch battery yourself, don't worry. There are many watch shops that will gladly replace your precious parts for you. Prices for this service vary by watch store, so you may want to consult a few stores before committing.

If you do it yourself, you'll need tweezers and a small screwdriver to remove the dead battery and replace it with a new one. Safety Tip: It is recommended to use plastic rather than metal tools to avoid electric shock. Wearing gloves also prevents damage to the inside of the watch.

First we need to understand the following questions

How do I take the back off my watch?

This requires some tools, here I provide a video for reference

How do I know what size battery for my watch?

If you want to know what kind of battery your watch uses, first you can visit the watch official website customer service for consultation, if you can't find your watch supplier's official website. You can check the number on the back of the watch, and then use Google to find the corresponding watch battery to buy. Here I will also provide a video showing you how to find

How do you open a watch case without the tool?

This requires some tools, here I provide a video for reference

GET MATERIALS You can buy our watch repair kits directly, then follow these steps to replace your watch battery like a pro

1. Remove the watch back

Most modern watches have snap-off back panels, which have small indentations to help you carefully pry off the cover. Using a small flathead screwdriver or blade, press down on the indentation and twist until the cover comes loose. If your watch back is secured with screws, use a small screwdriver, such as one designed for eyeglasses, to loosen the screws and remove the cover. Some watch backs have slots large enough to fit the edge of a coin, which you can use to twist off the cover.

2. Place the gasket to the side

If you see a rubber ring or plastic covering, remove that from the watch case to reveal the inner workings of the timepiece. Use tweezers or the edge of a knife if you need help getting a strong grip. Battery Depot recommended cleaning the gasket before you put it back after changing the battery.

3. Find and remove the battery

Once you see the existing battery, note which side is facing upward so you can replicate the placement when you insert the new part. If there are plastic clips holding the battery in place, use plastic tweezers to lift them. From there, you can use the tweezers to ease the battery out of the watch case.

4. Insert the new battery

Use the tweezers to place the new battery in its designated slot, and gently press down to secure its position.

5. Test your work

Before reattaching the back cover, carefully flip the watch over to see if it’s working. If the hands still aren’t moving, double check to make sure you installed the new battery correctly. You may have a damaged battery or faulty watch if it still fails to work, so consider taking the timepiece to a jeweler or watch repair store for a professional examination.

6. Replace the gasket and watch back

If the battery’s working, perform the first two steps in reverse order to put all the parts back in place.

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