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How to choose the most suitable screwdriver set ?

How to choose the most suitable screwdriver set

First of all, it must be based on one's own needs. The number of screwdriver heads does not mean that the more the better, because there are not many common screw specifications, there are many specifications of screwdriver heads from the purchase to the final loss, basically, it is difficult to use once.

When purchasing, choosing products with more complete specifications in common use will not only avoid waste but will also be more practical.

In the purchase of screwdriver head materials, S2 is of course the first choice, but CR-V will be more affordable.

For practical purposes, the design of the handle is more important. Of course, considering portability, the manufacturer will not configure a particularly large handle in this refined screwdriver set. Therefore, the non-slip design on the handle is particularly important. In addition, the knurled design can increase the friction more.

Regarding the length of the screwdriver head, we try to choose which screwdriver head has a longer front design, because, in actual use, there are often many screw holes that are particularly deep. At this time, the front end is longer and it is easy to enter the screw hole. operate.

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