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Kingsdun Cordless Electric Screwdriver Review

Kingsdun Cordless Electric Screwdriver Review

Many people like to repair or service phones, laptops, personal computers, small electrical appliances, watches, glasses, cameras and other household appliances on their own, while others do it professionally. And all these people have to use different tools. Today I want to tell you about a very useful device in this matter, namely the electric cordless screwdriver with the Kingsdun 802037 kit. In the review, we will look at the kit with which the device comes, its performance in real conditions and technical characteristics.


  • Main characteristics

  • Review of packaging and kit

  • Appearance

  • Usage

  • Minuses

  • pros

  • Where can I buy?

  • Conclusion

Main characteristics


Cordless screwdriver



Battery voltage

3.7 V

Max. torque

0.6 Nm

Battery type



350 А•ч

Power type

From battery



Tool class


Manufacturer country


Product weight



0.35-0.6 N*m

Review of packaging and kit

We are greeted by an ordinary black package made of thin cardboard. On the front side there is the name of the model, an image of the case and the main advantages of the screwdriver.

On the back side we have a table with technical characteristics, basic rules of use, equipment, namely the name of each bit and the dimensions of the blades.

The packaging is made in the “matryoshka” style; we pull it out and inside there is another cardboard package with a picture of the case. It is made in a minimalist design, which is good news.

The Kingsdun cordless electric screwdriver comes in a glossy black ABS plastic case. In my opinion, this is not entirely rational, since the paint quickly becomes scratched over time with active use and quickly loses its original appearance. On the positive side, this case is designed to protect against minor falls and impacts, and is also easy to carry and prevents scattering or loss of accessories. Inside the case there is a screwdriver itself, a Type-C charging cable, a set of 30 precision bits made of high-strength S2 alloy steel, suitable for most small household appliances, 2 tweezers, a magnet and a pin for removing SIM cards.


The screwdriver is made in an aluminum body, which ensures light weight and ease of use.

On the side of the case there are buttons for turning on the backlight and selecting the direction of rotation.

At the bottom there is a board with LEDs and a magnetic bit holder.

At the top there is a residual charge indicator and a Type-C charging port.


After familiarizing yourself with the technical characteristics and appearance, we proceed to using the screwdriver. First, let's pay attention to convenience and ergonomics. The screwdriver body fits comfortably in the hand due to its shape and material.

Buttons for turning on the backlight and controlling the direction of rotation are located in a convenient place and allow you to easily control the screwdriver. Next we check the performance. To do this, we take several screws of different sizes and types, and check the speed and force required to tighten them.

The Kingsdun screwdriver can easily handle many types of screws, providing stable and reliable performance. The battery charge was also checked during testing. When the battery is fully charged, the screwdriver works for about 3 hours, which provides enough time to complete most household tasks.

Overall, the Kingsdun cordless electric screwdriver performed well during use. It is easy to use, has high performance and a full set of necessary accessories.


On the negative side, I would like to note that the battery operating time could be longer, as well as the ability to adjust the rotation speed.


There were many more positive aspects, namely:

  1. Compact size and light weight, which ensures ease of use

  2. High torque

  3. Rich equipment

  4. fast battery charging

  5. The presence of backlighting, which can facilitate work in dimly lit areas

Where can I buy?

You can buy a cordless screwdriver with similar characteristics on here .


The Kingsdun Cordless Electric Screwdriver is a great tool for everyday tasks that offers ease of use, high performance on tasks, and most of the bits you need. This tool will be useful for both professionals and amateurs in repairing and maintaining equipment. Don’t forget to go to my profile, where you can find reviews of other interesting devices and selections of various products.

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