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How to magnetize a screwdriver and video.

How to magnetize a screwdriver and video.

As an electrician, I wear a screwdriver with me. Today I will tell you about the methods of magnetizing and demagnetizing screwdrivers. There are two methods of magnetizing.

The first method is to magnetize the screwdriver and a permanent magnet for a period of time. If you are in a hurry, rub the magnet in one direction a few times. It can also be used for a period of time. Or find a small piece of magnet to be directly attached to the screwdriver for use.

Magnetization effect: It is the effect that turns iron into magnetism. In fact, iron itself has magnetism, but the internal molecular structure is messy, so the combined magnetism cancels it out. The magnet plays a guiding role, and the guided iron molecules will become orderly and become magnetic. This kind of magnetized iron will slowly demagnetize under the influence of external force and the environment.

The second method: If you don't have a magnet temporarily, you can also find a battery to charge it. Use a wire to wind a coil on the screwdriver, and then energize and magnetize. A 1.5V battery will do. Connect both ends of the coil with positive and negative poles for about one minute. The magnetizer sold on the Internet is based on this principle-electricity generates magnetism.

In the above picture, I used a rechargeable battery with a voltage of more than 3 volts, which can be charged for a few seconds, and the magnetic force is very strong (note that there is a spark in the short circuit, and the coil is wound more). Next, I will teach you how to make a magnetizer yourself.

small fan

Find a small fan that is discarded and used in many electrical appliances to dissipate heat. Remove the shell and leave only the iron core inside. Be careful not to damage the copper wire on the iron core, such as the fan above. Find a corresponding 12-volt power supply, which is found on discarded desktop computers.


Energize the coil, put the screwdriver in the middle, and add magnetism, it will take a few seconds, and the effect will be leveraged.

In some specific working environments, a magnetic screwdriver is not easy to use. At this time, we have to demagnetize the screwdriver.

The first type of high-temperature heating: Disturbs the internal magnetic field and loses its magnetism.

The second method: a few drops on the ground, similar to the first method, it also disturbs the internal magnetic field.

The third method: degaussing with a degaussing device can also be simulated by itself, which is to place the two magnets repelling each other, and place the screwdriver in the repelling space for a while, which is the opposite of magnetization.

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