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  • High temperature and heat insulation silicone pad for maintenance
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High temperature and heat insulation silicone pad for maintenance

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1. 480x318mm, blue silica gel with magnetic high-temperature heat insulation maintenance pad

2. High-temperature resistant material, can withstand high temperature of 500 ℃, heat insulation, and anti-burning, very high safety, repairing mobile phones, computers, using hot air guns, soldering irons are all right.

3. Soft silicone can be folded and curled without deformation

4. Super thick cushion, humanized design. The thicker design increases the height of the element grid, which is convenient for storing more elements.

5. "Multi-function in one": motherboard chip card slot, small screw component grid, long screw component grid, screwdriver placement hole, component grid with cover, grid with the magnetic component, double scale in the working area

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