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08-Dec| 123 Comments
Warmly congratulate Youfu Tools for passing BSCI certification

Quality is strength, strength is authority

Warmly congratulate Youfu Tools for passing the BSCI certification test!

Celebrate the Friends of Youfu family working together,

Jointly develop new international markets!

Professional tools manufacturer

Kingsdun continues to improve its manufacturing capabilitiesin order to meet the needs of global customersfor faster and better products. We invested in manufacturing equipmentto improve product manufacturing process, and use professional ERP and introduce a supply chain management teamto optimize the production process .

Special tools manufacturer

Kingsdun is a manufacturer of hand toolsespecially, from raw materials, forging, lathes, numerical control machining, heat treatmentAnd surface treatmentthe whole process has complete supply chain. We are confident that we can meet the quality needs of customers in different industries


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