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  • Push-type thickened glass alcohol bottle
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Push-type thickened glass alcohol bottle

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1. Copper core suction pump, anti-static glass alcohol bottle


3. Pressing the outlet water is not afraid of backflow, acid resistance Alkali, anti-corrosion, anti-splash, with Bottle cap is anti-volatile and anti-dust

4. Suitable for assembly line production and repair Various volatile streams in operation High-quality liquids, such as alcohol, ethanol, Toner, nail remover, etc.

5. Copper core suction pump or rubber suction pump

6. Anti-splash and anti-liquid backflow Push-on cap design

7. Good light transmittance Can see the internal liquid clearly Thickened glass bottle

8. Durable Acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant suction pump

9. Humanized design Dust cover prevents volatilization

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